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How to find a watch on DreamWatch? - find your desired watch on DreamWatch using the search bar, use the filters on the page for more effective search results.

Buying a watch

There are two ways to buy a watch on DreamWatch: The first is an advance payment of 20% of the order amount with the execution of a contract with advance payment, after which the watch is booked for the client.
The second method is to make a full payment for the watch and sign the transaction agreement.
What does the total cost of the watch depend on?
Many factors affect the total cost: in addition to the stated price of the watch, there are additional costs such as packaging, insurance, shipping and taxes (such as VAT or imports). Depending on the current rate of $ or other foreign currency in which the transaction takes place


What payment methods are available? Payment by MasterCard/Visa card. Cryptocurrency payment - payment is made to our USDT account. Payment in cash is made exclusively in our boutiques in Warsaw or in the Kyiv office.


How long does delivery take and how much does it cost? - The shipment is carried out on the day of the order, or the next day after payment for the goods. The delivery period is from 7 to 12 working days (depending on the country of receipt and other logistical nuances, the delivery period may change)

Buyer protection

How long is the warranty on our products valid? - The warranty from the DreamWatch store is valid for 12 months. During this time, you can contact us for support and service. Our store provides a guarantee of authenticity.

Data privacy policy

Is my information secure on DreamWatch? - Yes, we use the most modern security technologies to protect your personal information from manipulation, partial or complete loss and unauthorized access by third parties. Is my information shared with third parties? - We use your personal information solely to process your purchase request or order.

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