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It is known that Breguet's clients have always been the most famous and richest people in the world. This brand was honored by the fact that its watch was owned by everyone whose name is widely known in history. Thus, Queen Marie Antoinette, Tsar Alexander I, the King of England, Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna, Napoleon Bonaparte and Sir Winston Churchill were clients of this company. And this list does not end only with these famous names, but only begins. Since the history of the company continues its existence even now, without leaving its tradition of being the favorite watch of the elite. But let's turn a little to the history of the brand: Did you know that Abraham-Louis Breguet was the first to discover a watch with an automatic winding called "perpetuals", a gong spring for a repeater watch, and the first anti-shock device called a "parachute". Today, the Breguet factory employs about 500 people who produce about 25,000 watches a year. Today, the leading position of the Breguet label is maintained thanks to a serious focus on research and innovation, the company's craftsmen regularly discover new methods and techniques for the manufacture and processing of watch mechanisms. Of course, only the best of the best work on Breguet watches, and no less attention is paid to the aesthetic component, which is why the list of customers in the watch house is only growing, and the company continues to surprise us with perfect products.

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